We Represent Our Innovative Solutoins For You

We Represent Our Innovative Solutoins For You


Security advancements

Blockchain intends to advance the security and privacy level of 5G networks and services by contributing many technical features such as transparency, traceability, and decentralization.


Improvements of system performance

Blockchain useability also significantly enhances the performance of 5G systems.


Simplifying the Network

it is considered that blockchain is able to make huge 5G service deployments with the help of its decentralized infrastructure.


Distributed ledger (Blockchain Database)

It represents the type of datastore which is connected and repeated between the institutions of the P2P system. Here, each and every record contains a unique encrypted signature related to timestamp and makes the ledger reviewable and enduring. Smart contracts: a programmable application that is built in the Blockchain system.



This can be represented as an ability of a blockchain ledger to store transfer data immutable over a period.



The decentralized blockchain system that does not rely upon any control center server to organize transactions.



Blockchain transparency arises from the fact that all data about the transaction on the blockchain system can be viewable for all system participants.


Privacy and security

The key factors of the blockchain network are represented in its level of privacy and security, and in the use of private/public keys that it can provide. In addition, the network uses cryptographic maps to ensure and accomplish transactions between the network members. Blockchain use cases for cloud computing -Data availability, Privacy management, Data integrity, Lack of Stability, Lack of transparency


About 5G Prime-coin

The 5G wireless technology is on the way to be organized around the world. The fifth-generation technologies aim to promote diverse vertical applications by getting diverse smart devices and machines with extreme advancements in terms of the highest service quality, network capacity, and advanced production capabilities.

The blockchain, a rising and developing ecosystem, is offering revolutionary solutions to successfully sort out the challenges in the 5G community. According to the drastically rising capacities of the 5G technologies and the very recent explorations in the Blockchain ecosystem, blockchain-built-in services are anticipated to experience prompt development and claim significant benefits for the future society.

Q2 2019

Blockchain testnet deployment

Q3 2019

Blockchain mainnet deployment

Q4 2019

Integrating global digital network records

Q1 2020

Developing global data unification network

Q2 2020

Integrating global digital network records

Supporting ETH and ERC20 tokens

Q3 2020

Application of Hash #160 protocol Integrating global digital network records

Deposits, payments, trades and withdrawals in Bitcoin

Q1 2021


Launching ICO project

Have Any Questions?

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that facilitates the purchase of goods and payments for services but uses online ledger to store and secure online transactions.
Yes you can make money from 5G Prime-coin. You may stake (a process of investing your funds and locking it up and earning interest). You may buy and hold until the currency increases in value. You may trade daily. You may get bonus tokens for referrals. You may get dividends.
The best way to store tokens is offline via a paper wallet. This is a cold wallet that you can generate from certain websites. It then produces both public and private keys that you can print out and keep out of sight. The safest crypto wallet is Trezor.
You may sell your tokens on any exchange available and receive payment in your desired available currency.
Tokens value grow due to usage and transactions by the community, continue development programmes and milestones hit by moderators and developers of the project.
As thousands and millions of people contribute to a network, movement and use a token or a system, it makes it impossible to shut down. Defi is permissionless and has no source of failure, works with non custodial protocols which gives full control to users over their assets. Defi is unstoppable by design and is powered by promise of decentralization, which returns control to users.
Management - Defi dapps use smart contexts sand blockchain technology to run without human intervention and the dapps are not controlled or managed by anyone.
Transparency - Defi operates on a very level of transparency which allows all transactions to be open to everyone to visibly check and also grants access to open source codes which are published on blockchain for anyone to audit.
User experience - Every user is able to use other platforms or create their own platforms if they are unable to use the interface of a defi app or just do not like it.
Lending and borrowing users are able to borrow funds using their cryptocurrency as collateral and also earn interest by lending out their digital assets.
No. Defi gives global access to financial products and excluded intermediaries and is not supervised by any controlling or central authority. Defi is proof that cryptocurrency is way more than a digital asset with limited use. Defi has many financial use cases spanning across many service industries from payments to insurance and welcomes freedom, ownership, market growth, acceptance and inclusivity without limitations and borders for everyone.